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7 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in San Jose

Costa Rica.
By A few months ago, .

I visited the beautiful country of Costa Rica for the first time with Il Viaggio Travel

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Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Jackson Hole

A Wheelchair Accessible Jackson Hole

Wyoming Travel Guide. asked me to share these accessibility suggestions for Jackson Hole

so I’m thrilled to bring you this article.
As travel today remains uncertain, please keep your safety and the safety of others in mind at all times.
If you are comfortable with traveling, please travel responsibly and within regulation as any travel is at your own risk.

———————————————————————– Jackson Hole

Wyoming is a popular winter destination, as the mountains are perfect for skiing, but there’s plenty to see and do throughout the entire year as well.
Whether you’re interested in exploring national parks or staying at a luxurious resort, .

Jackson Hole is a wheelchair accessible destination worth exploring

Visiting this location offers plenty of ways to connect with nature, learn about the local history, and relax in a modern lodge.
This travel guide highlights all of the wheelchair accessible things to do, transportation options, and unique Jackson Hole hotels, outlining everything you’ll need to start planning your trip.
Where to Stay in Jackson Hole .

Jackson Hole is a popular ski destination

so the best hotels in Jackson Hole have lodge style layouts with rooms that reflect the atmosphere.
These three hotels are some of the best in the area for wheelchair users .  1: Teton Mountain Lodge has 3 ADA rooms, each of which have a king or queen size bed.
All ADA rooms have lowered peepholes, lower wall-mounted thermostats , flashing fire alarms, grab bars in the bathroom, and either a roll-in shower or grab bar bathtubs.
The roll-in showers have hand-held sprayers with shower chairs available on request.
The king suite has a jetted bathtub with grab bars in the second bathroom for a luxurious experience.

2: Hotel Terra Jackson Hole is a hotel that not only has ADA compliant rooms available

but also has wheelchair accessible amenities.
Each ADA room has an accessible vanity, along with accessible bathrooms, either with roll-in showers or bathtubs with grab bars.
All doors in these rooms are at least 32 inches wide for wheelchair access.
The wheelchair accessible amenities include an ADA compliant pool and hot tub with a lift, access to the spa, and access to the fitness center .
Accessible transportation can also be arranged with advanced notice.
Hotel Terra Jackson Hole 3: Snow King Resort Jackson Hole offers accessible double queen and king rooms, all located within the main hotel building, and are all pet friendly.
There is 1 fully accessible queen room with a roll in shower, and the other three have bathtubs with grab bars.
All the queen ADA rooms have lowered hanging racks in the closet, lowered light switches, and level door handles.
There are three king rooms, two of which are completely ADA compliant with roll-in showers and one with a grab bar bathtub.
Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Jackson Hole.
1: Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park’s south entrance is just a two-hour drive from Jackson Hole.
The famous park is home to Old Faithful, a well-known natural geyser, along with hot spring rivers, scenic vistas, and even native wildlife like bison, elk, and bears.
The main entrance to the national park offers access to the visitor center, as well as a visitor’s map, giving you the ability to follow the crowd to see the best places, or take your own path and explore the camping, backcountry, and driving trails.  Yellowstone has a wide range of accessibility throughout the park.
The main highlights here are the camping and the pedestrian trails, as both offer accessibility to wheelchair users.
All of the campgrounds have at least one wheelchair accessible campsite, except for the Fishing Bridge RV park.
There are also two backcountry campsites that are maintained to accommodate wheelchairs.  Backcountry hiking is also available at Yellowstone for wheelchair users, with the most popular and easily accessible trail being Lone Star Geyser Trail and Natural Bridge Trail.
Both of these are shorter trails with a clear path that is mostly level and well graded.
Most walkways and self-guided trails within Yellowstone, that is those near the visitor’s center and the most popularly visited, all have at least one wheelchair route, making them wheelchair accessible.
The major areas of the park also have wheelchair accessible bathrooms, except for the West Thumb area.  2: Grand Teton National Park Another must-see national park.

And just 45 minutes from Jackson Hole

is Grand Teton National Park.
What makes this park a must-see, aside from the amazing nature experience, is that this park delivers in accessibility.
The visitor centers, campgrounds, and trail network offer a range of options to explore and connect with the landscape.
This is a great park for those that like to explore visitor centers and enjoy learning about the location and the history, as well as exploring nature and the wildlife.
Grand Teton has four different visitor centers, all of which are wheelchair accessible.
Each center is accessible and most exhibits are designed to be accessible from a wheelchair.
For camping and hiking, this park is excellent as well.
Five of the campgrounds in the park have ADA compliant sites, and many others are designed to be accessible as well.
There is a range of electric hook-up sites as well as tent sites and there are wheelchair accessible bathrooms at most campgrounds.  The hiking trails range in their complexity and length, but there are details about each trail network and their layout to help wheelchair users choose their trails.
Some trails also run along roads, giving a driving option if you’d like to observe some natural landscapes from a vehicle.
3: Hiking While you can hike at the national parks, such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

You can also do some local hiking in Jackson Hole

which may offer more natural exploration with fewer crowds.
For local hiking, .

The best option is the Jackson Hole Community Pathway System

This network is 27 miles of hiking in Jackson, Teton Village, which is a popular ski community, and Wilson.
Many of these trails also connect with the national park trails, giving you a better idea of which trails to pick if you’d like to avoid the parks, or if you’re interested in hiking into the parks.
The accessibility of the hiking trails depends on the path you choose.
The trail map is available online to help you plan your trip.
There are some reviews that highlight completely paved paths, including Wilson to the park entrance and Jackson to Jenny Lake.
Some of these trails do follow along roads, so if you’d like to explore the area beforehand with a vehicle or would like to enjoy the view from a vehicle, the hiking maps may be useful to help plan a route.
4: National Museum of Wildlife Art of the United States For another unique way to experience nature and the landscapes of Wyoming, visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art.
This gallery strives to explore and educate about the connection between humanity and nature through wildlife photography.
The art collection is expansive with over 500 artists contributing and over 5,000 pieces.
Genres range in this collection from Romanticism and Impressionism to Modernism, all in a variety of mediums.
The museum is open to visitors of all ages with an interactive children’s exhibit inside.
The museum is wheelchair accessible from the front entrance through the main door.
There is an elevator to the right of a mezzanine to provide access to the exhibits.
The space available in each exhibit should easily accommodate a wheelchair user.  5: Jackson Town Square Jackson is a great location for exploring the outdoors, but if you’re looking for some small town activities, check out Jackson Town Square.
This is the site of the antler arches that provide entry at the four points of George Washington Memorial Park.
These are one way the town connects with nature and they are also a great place to take photos to remember your trip.
The town square itself is a good place to take a break and have a drink or a meal, as well as do a bit of shopping.
The town square borders the park, giving a central downtown or Main Street type atmosphere.
Depending on the time you visit Jackson, the town square is home to ElkFest in May, which is headlined by the Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction.
Elkfest is the celebration built around this annual auction where the community comes together to celebrate their connection with nature.
In the summer months, there’s the Town Square Shootout, where professional actors reenact an Old West shootout.
For accessibility, Jackson Town Square has paved sidewalks and level walking surfaces.
It’s a good place to either park and have a walk around, or pre-plan and have a destination in mind.
The park has sidewalks that connect either side, giving pedestrians easy access through the park and to the shops.
6: Jackson Center for the Arts The Jackson Center for the Arts is a great destination for enjoying art of all kinds, from live music and shows to speciality events that celebrate art in many forms.
The Center is the space for creative, artistic, and cultural activity, working to connect the community to celebrate and collaborate.
The event calendar is packed with activities throughout the year, from live music to community gatherings.
The best way to buy tickets is through their website, as the calendar changes through the year.
The Jackson Center for the Arts is wheelchair accessible, as most theaters are.
For ADA tickets, you will need to purchase tickets in advance.
Any questions can be answered via email or telephone, as wheelchair accessibility will range depending on the specific event and the location.
7: National Elk Refuge While the national parks offer some driving trails and scenic stops, the National Elk Refuge is another great spot to plan a scenic drive.
The Refuge Road Scenic Drive is a driving trail specifically designed to allow vehicles to explore the landscape and enjoy the space.
You can take the scenic drive any time throughout the year, but it may not be passable during the winter months.
The best time to view elk are sunrise and dusk, so use caution while driving the road.

Another spot to explore here is the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center

Inside, you can observe the elk refuge and enjoy the view, while also exploring the indoor interpretive displays.
The visitor center offers information on local activities and camping, as well as various permits you need to hunt, fish, and camp in the area.
Both the Scenic Drive and Visitor Center are wheelchair accessible.  How to Get Around Jackson Hole.

The best option to get around Jackson Hole is to rent a wheelchair accessible van

From exploring the national parks to getting around to the hotel, it will be far easier to rent your own vehicle than it will be to use public transportation.
If you’re looking to travel from the hotel to well known locations within Jackson Hole, there is a public transportation option.

Public Transportation In Jackson Hole

the public transportation option is the START Bus Service, which provides several bus routes or lines from popular hotels to the town via shuttle.
The route schedule offers a ride almost every hour and is very specific about where each line picks up and drops off.  There is also an ADA bus service, but this service has different hours of operation.
As a visitor, it is advised to contact START to arrange your service and establish which routes they provide transport for.
The START bus service mainly operates to and from the city center to hotels and the airport, so if you’re looking to visit National Parks you may want to rent a vehicle.
There is a fare for distant routes, but within the town the bus service is free.
Accessible rental vans For more flexibility in scheduling and transport, consider renting a wheelchair accessible van for use while you’re in town. This will give you the freedom to explore wherever and whenever you’d like, allowing you to take your time on the driving trails and spend full days in the national parks.
Wheelers Van Rentals is a company with a local presence in Wyoming, including right in Jackson Hole.
This is a good option if you’d like a local company to be able to provide a vehicle that suits your needs.
Working with this company provides a drop off and pick up of the vehicle, as well as roadside assistance if something happens during your trip.   Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an amazing destination no matter the time of year, for beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor exploration.
Whether you’re looking to visit national parks as well as the small town, or plan a resort style getaway to a mountainside lodge, Jackson Hole is completely wheelchair accessible.
With a range of destinations and hotels all accessible via van rental, you can make this trip exactly as you’d like and enjoy every minute.  Wheelchair Accessibility at Masada Desert Fortress and the Dead Sea in Israel.
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Learn all about Cuban Tourist Visas

Cuban Visas info.
Your visa to visit and enjoy Cuban life and culture.
Learn all about Cuban Tourist Visas.

It’s called a Cuban Tourist Visa

even though Americans can’t visit Cuba as tourists.
Don’t worry.
It’s totally legal, and it’s the visa Americans require for their island adventure.

Cuba Explorer guests receive free Cuban visas

How to fill out your Cuban Tourist Visa

The image above is an example of a Cuban Tourist Visa – sometimes referred to as a Cuban visitors card or Cuban entry card.
This example shows how to fill it out.
Don’t make errors, or it will have to be replaced.
Don’t lose your visa in Cuba, or it will have to be replaced.

Example of a Cuban Tourist Visa for used for flights from the United States to Cuba

How long is a Cuban Tourist Visa valid?

The Cuban Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days and can be renewed in Cuba for another 30 days.
Canadians are an exception .
Their Cuban Tourist Visa is good for 90 days and can be renewed in Cuba for an additional 90 days.

Special documents required for Cuban-born persons

Visa requirements are different for Americans born in Cuba.
We’ll gladly help Cuba-born visitors with passport renewal, entry documentation , and special visas.
Email us.
Cuban visa exception s for citizens of some nations.
A special Cuban A-1 visa is required for visitors to Cuba using passports from these countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines , Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Yemen.

How do I obtain a Cuban Tourist Visa?

Cuban visas are not included in the cost of airline tickets.
The fastest and most economical way to obtain a Cuban Tourist Visa is to purchase it online and have it delivered to your home .

Cuba Explorer travelers receive free Cuban visas

Independent travelers purchase a Cuban Tourist Visa online now

Beautiful place with lots of interesting venues, and people who are friendly and welcoming.
I love d that we ventured out of the city center to see places we.
West Palm Beach, Florida Sammamish, Washington Caring, imaginative, loving people and nation.
Definitely struggling, but strongly bonded as a community .
Enjoyed the Muraleandro community project visit, suggested by our guide, Laura.
She help ed us.
Arvada, Colorado The people are so friendly, hard-working, interesting, and welcoming.
Cuba is a mix of old and new, a beautiful place and so much history.
Liked learning about the.
Il, Illinois Without exception, everyone we met in Cuba, both on tour and our own, were warm, welcoming, engaging, and fun to be with: in a word, delightful.
My wife.
Ventura, California Very interesting.
I now have a better understanding of their history and culture, and can contrast the parts that are better than the US, and parts where the.
Aberdeen, Maryland I love Cuba and was so happy to return for a second trip.
I took my sixteen-year-old grandson, and he had a wonderful time as well.
The people.
New York, New York Pontiac, .

Illinois We enjoyed getting to know the Cuban people and the culture

We were sad that so many beautiful buildings are crumbling and in disrepair.
We loved our trip.
Marietta, Georgia I loved Cuba, its people, and its culture.
A gorgeous island with friendly people and great food.
I enjoyed speaking with a Cuban real estate agent, and the.
Atlanta, Georgia After four days in Havana, I found the city to be beautiful and historically significant.
All the Cubans with whom I came in contact were kind and generous.
Fairfield, Connecticut The Cuban people are hard-working and kind.
It is a country with a very rich history.
I loved our tour guide Otto Sanchez.
He was excellent and able.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Growing up in America and the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Fidel Castro and flying over Cuba to Grand Cayman Island, I remember looking out the.
New York, New York Memphis, Tennessee Frisco, Texas Charleston, West Virginia Yardley, Pennsylvania This was one of the most memorable cultural and educational exchanges I’ve experienced during my adult life.
Our travel to Cuba was an unforgettable educational experience.
We had.
Chicago, Illinois We loved this trip.
Everyone was friendly, the food everywhere we went was excellent, and the accommodations were terrific.
Most special: the food, the people, our tour guide.
Ventnor, New Jersey I was very impressed with the people, the culture, and the spirit of the people.
I can see how they struggle for things we take for granted, wi-fi,.
Palm Desert, California The people are very intimate with their music.
It seems everywhere we went we saw singers, dancers, musicians or all three.
We loved the diversity of the people.
Dallas, Texas Cuba is an exciting country with a rich and colorful history.
I really enjoyed learning about the intricate culture and history.
The Cuban people are friendly, helpful and.

Virginia Cubans are resilient

beautiful, friendly.
Loved the variety; getting to see and meet some locals, the different restaurants for the flavors of Cuba; the comfortable hotel; and.
Mamaroneck, New York Havana, Cuba was amazing.
The people were all so friendly, the food was amazing, and I really enjoyed the music and dancing.
Mojitos, mojitos, mojitos – I love them,.
New York, .

New York The Cuban people are very helpful kind and sincere

Great prices on food and drinks – both were awesome.
The experience was very laid back – no rushing from A.
Gadsden, Alabama Cuba is a wonderful place to visit but still needs investment to develop its tourist base.
People are very nice, polite and helpful.
People who work in the.
Woodside, New York I can’t get Cuba out of my mind.
Gretel was the perfect hostess and guide.
We learned more than I ever imagined.
Can’t wait to go back.
Nashville, Tennessee Cuba was a phenomenal visit.
Out tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable about Cuba and the world.
Pavel truly made our trip very enjoyable.
I wish I.
West Orange, New Jersey We loved every minute of our time in Cuba. Rachel, our tour guide, was absolutely perfect.
She answered all of my pestering questions and was spot-on with.
Nashville, Tennessee Cuba is beautiful.
The locals are warm and welcoming.
So much history and so many traditions were shared with us during this trip.
The tour was packed with.
Chula Vista, California Birmingham, Alabama I love the people.
They were gracious, kind, and beautiful.
I loved talking with the professor and learning about the history of the music.
Our guide Geldrys.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin We really enjoyed our trip to Cuba.
people are very nice respectful and friendly, Cuba is very safe, even safer than the US.
We walk late at night.
Brentwood, Tennessee I found the experience quite enlightening.
I enjoyed learning about Cuban culture and people.
I have a greater appreciation and respect for Cuba as a result of our.
Chicago, Illinois I had a very positive reaction to the people despite their many limitations.
We enjoy the intimate relationship with our guide and driver.
The interaction was beyond my.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania We loved our trip to Cuba.
Everything was very well-organized, our guide and driver were fantastic.
All of the people we met were extremely friendly and we loved.
Lexington, Kentucky It was a very nice trip, lots to do, learned a lot about the culture and the people.
The cooking and mojito lessons were tops.
The city tour.
Waukegan, Illinois Mantua, New Jersey Macomb, Michigan I was very surprised by the level of satisfaction the Cuban people have for the government and their situation which was contrary to what I supposed.
Everyone was.
New Orleans, Louisiana Cuba is fascinating, intriguing, alluring, spectacular, beautiful, mysterious and complicated all wrapped up together.
The people of Cuba were so warm and welcoming.
The architecture and American cars.
Frisco, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado I was surprised at the resilience and resourcefulness of the Cuban people, who have been cut off from purchasing from the U.
and its allies.
The people.
Broadview, Illinois Cuba is beautiful and its people are friendly and helpful.
It’s nice to be someplace that hasn’t been overrun by commercial tourism (yet).
I learned so.
Yonkers, New York I was worried before travel that Cuba amenities would be sub-par.
Instead, the hotel, restaurants, pool, and so on were all of an excellent standard.
I loved Cuba.
Roswell, Georgia Visiting Cuba was everything I hoped for and more.
The people are warm, the country is splendid, and the culture full of vibrancy and pulsating energy.
Our tour.
Baltimore, Maryland Not my first visit to Cuba as I was the group leader.
Every time the people and culture are AWESOME.
We received ongoing professional service from our tour.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland Great people, great history and wonderful learning experience.
Loved each of the scheduled activities, and our very knowledgeable tour guides, as well as the visit with Professor Núñ.
Missouri City, Texas.

Residents of Old Havana commute in a horse-drawn wagon

An unparalleled introduction to Cuban life and culture.
Havana extravaganza tour.
Havana boy performs a sponta neo us handstand.
Cuba for the young at heart.
Havana boy performs a sponta neo us handstand on the street.
Revel in Havana’s cultural delights during endless evening activities in the Cuban capital, combined with daytime outdoor adventures for all.
Ph oto Ana Lorena.
Six days, five nights in Cuba $ 1749 each in double room Single room $ 300 extra ’50s-fab Hotel NH Capri Tour Old Havana World Heritage sites Witness Havana humanitarian projects Curated history and art museum visits Luxuriate on sun-drenched beaches Visit Ernest Hemingway’s farmhouse Delight in the Tropicana dance show Cuban cooking class from master chefs Ride in coconut cabs and bicycle taxis Dine in Havana’s best private eateries Havana extravaganza tour overview.

Havana extravaganza is the trip Americans pick to witness authentic Cuba

It’s our most popular tour.
Since 1997, thousands have come to know Cuba on this affordable introduction adventure.
You will stay in the four star-plus NH Capri hotel.
Its glamorous 1950s Las Vegas -inspired roots shine brightly today in comfort and amenities.
The Capri’s Salon Rojo club was a favorite nightspot for global heartthrob actor Errol Flynn.
Capri’s hallmarks are caring staff, ce ntr al location, and excellent WiFi.
Wow factors.
Hear music on the streets and feel it at the gala Tropicana floor show.
Taste unique delicacies of Cuban cuisine.
Swim in the warm, clean waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Discover heart-warming humanitarian projects in Old Havana.
Ogle fantastic architecture and art.

Behold kind effusive Cubans eager to connect with Americans

Habana mi amor.
On this tour, you’ll sample the best of everything .
You’ll get an up-close slice of Cuba life and culture.
Geared to explorers, adventurers, and sojourners seeking new encounter s, and insights on humanity.
It’s an ideal way for first-time visitors to learn about island society, or for returning guests who can’t get enough of Cuba.
Havana extravaganza tour map.
Day 1 • Saturday • Hello, heavenly Havana!.
Human-powered bicycle taxis are a popular form of transport in Cuba.
We’ll tour Parque Central, home to Cuba’s recently restored Capitol building, in bicycle taxis.
Human-powered “bicitaxis” are a popular form of transport in Old Havana and help drivers eke out a better existence for their families.
Arrive at Havana’s José Martí International (HAV) airport.
Group arrival dinner with your guide and tourmates at your hotel.
Evening entertainment options : Groove to live jazz, relax in a lounge, or explore the sounds of the city – all within walking distance of your lodging.
Day 2 • Sunday • Romancing historic Havana.

Cuba’s eclectic building styles hail from global influences spanning 500 years

Every moment is Cuba is a selfie occasion.
Havana harbors the most extensive collection of Spanish colonial-era architecture in Latin America.
Cuba’s eclectic building styles hail from global influences spanning 500 years.
Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón.
Havana sightseeing.
Visit Plaza de la Revolución.
Awe at the giant image of Ché Guevara and the towering monument to José Martí, Cuba’s national hero.
Then onto the iconic Hotel Nacional de Cuba frequented by world leaders and superstars.
At points in between, you’ll savor myriad architectural eras and styles.
A bicycle made for you.
We’ll enlist a cortège of bicycle taxis, and navigate the Old Havana’s narrow streets.
You’ll see numerous architectural landmarks including the Gran Teatro where the Ballet Nacional de Cuba performs, and Cuba’s national capitol building (a scale model of the US Capitol, only taller).
You’ll see numerous architectural landmarks including the Gran Teatro where the Ballet Nacional de Cuba performs.
Fall in love with Old Havana.
“In terms of beauty, only Venice and Paris surpassed Havana,” penned Ernest Hemingway.
He was alluding to Havana’s incredible architecture, arts, and, of course, the joie de vivre of the city’s engaging people.
Old Havana’s four ancient plazas are full of color and personality, with a mix of palatial buildings, monuments, museums, galleries, churches, lively entertainment, restaurants, and bars.
Together, they contain the most extensive collection of Spanish colonial-era architecture in the western hemisphere.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, restoration and care of Old Havana’s wonders is assigned to the – Cuba Explorer’s island sponsor.
We’ll visit Cathedral Square, the Square of Arms, San Francisco Square , and.
Group welcome lunch at the private restaurant.
Ideally situated in Plaza Vieja, its friendly staff, quaint atmosphere, and delicious food rank it tops on TripAdvisor.
The restaurant’s slogan, “A single mojito is not enough.” We agree.
Now we visit Casablanca , a quaint village to the north of Havana accessible by ferry.
The hamlet was established in 1762 by shipbuilders and carpenters who serviced Spanish galleons and merchant vessels dispatching the spoils of South American conquest to the royal court of Spain.
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the giant marble sculpture Christ of Havana , and the National Weather Observatory.
The panoramic view across the bay to metropolitan Havana is mesmerizing.
Fortunately, Eusebio Leal, president of the Office of the Historian of Havana , is restoring Casablanca to its deserved past glory.
We’ll visit the magnificent statue Christ of Havana [Cristo de La Habana] by Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera.
She won a 1953 design contest organized by the wife of dictator Fulgencio Batista for this work.
Madera created the statue in Italy and shipped the marble pieces to Havana.
It is carved from 67 blocks of white Carrara (each blessed by Pope Pius XII), stands 74 feet tall from its base, and weighs 320 tons.
It’s the most massive statue created by a female artist.
Hidden gastronomical gem.
Group welcome dinner featuring an open menu at Paladar Café Laurent.
This sophisticated private restaurant serves Caribbean, Latin, seafood, Cuban, and fusion delights on starched white tablecloths, with polished glasses, and sparkling cutlery.
The bright modernist 1950s interior promises an excellent meal and great views of Havana.
Paradise under the stars.
We’re off to the Tropicana experience.
It’s a glimpse of pre-revolution Cuba, where Carmen Miranda, Josephine Baker, Nat King Cole, and others dazzled wealthy guests with Latin dance numbers performed by women with 10-pound headdresses.
It’s a stunning pageant filled with music, crazy dance numbers, a few contortionists and acrobats, and showgirls decked out in fabulous costumes.
Many say the Tropicana is more engaging and earthy than glitzy Las Vegas productions.
Day 3 • Monday • Ernest Hemingway, Cuban cooking.
Residents of Old Havana commute in a horse-drawn wagon.
Residents of Old Havana commute in a horse-drawn wagon.
Eco-friendly transportation alternatives make Cuba one of the most environmentally sustainable nations on the planet, according to the World Wildlife Fund.
Photo Ana Lorena.
Cuban kitchen university.
Imagine how thrilled your friends will be when you return home and prepare authentic Cuban food and mojitos for them.
This morning we’ll learn from the renowned Cuban chefs at El Ajiaco Paladar the secrets of making tasty Cuban dishes and drinks.
Lunch under the palms.
El Ajiaco is considered one of the best private eateries in all of Cuba.
Hands down it’s an island dining highlight.
Ajiaco is noted for fantastic service, atmosphere, and scrumptilicious traditional Cuba cuisine.
Nearby family gardens supply organic vegetables and spices, lending to each dish a delightfully fresh aromatic flavor you’ll always remember.
All the top cookers at El Ajiaco were previously the best chefs at Cuban State-owned restaurants.
They went their own way and elevated Cuba cuisine to world standards.
A brief visit to the village of Cojímar , a small fishing community of east Havana.
Here local fishers cast bronze bust of Hemingway from old anchors, props, and tools.
The inscription reads, “In loving memory of the people of Cojímar to the immortal author of Old Man and the Sea.” A plaque below the bust notes, “Sculpted with the contributions of the Fishermen Cooperative of Cojímar.”.
Hemingway’s haunt.
We’re off to visit [Lookout Farm] where North America’s literary titan Ernest Hemingway spent twenty-one of his most important and productive years penning building blocks of English literature.
Claimed by both the United States and Cuba as their son, it was Hemingway himself who declared the island his true home.
Hemingway’s house remains just as it was when he lived there.
You’ll see his personal effects, thousands of books and photographs, as well as animal trophies, bagged on his numerous African safaris.
Dinner not included in tour cost.
It’s an occasion to sample Havana’s stellar private eateries and taste the diversity of the island’s distinctive cuisines.

We’ll provide suggestions for restaurants most popular with Cubans and our travelers

Day 4 • Tuesday • Capitol building and the beach.

Cubans play on the beach near Havana

Cubans play on the beach.
East of Havana, we’ll visit Santa María del Mar, with time to relax on 14 miles of palm-lined seashore of the Caribbean Sea.
Photo Ana Lorena.

We’re off to Old Havana in a cavalcade of Cuban coconut cabs

Cocotaxis are a delightful crazy vehicle with a body shaped like a coconut set atop a motorcycle frame.
Can’t miss visit to the recently renovated , home to Cuba’s National Assembly.
The imposing monument is reminiscent of the US Capitol but taller and less austere; chocked full of grand statuary, breathtaking ornamental details, and jaw-dropping art.
The building supports the sixth-largest dome in the world – clad in 24 karat gold plated panels.
Inside you’ll see the bronze Statue of the Republic based on a young Cuban woman.
It’s the third-largest indoor statue in the world.
You will learn all about this magnificent structure from staff who work at the Capitolio.
What would a trip to Cuba be without a view of the sea.
We’re off to Havana’s eastern beaches known as Playas del Este.
We’ll visit two notable white sand shores: Santa María del Mar and Guanabo.
Just 30 minutes from the capital, enroute, we’ll gaze incredible tropical vistas of sea and countryside.
First stop is Santa María del Mar and time to relax on 14 miles of palm-lined seashore of the Caribbean Sea.
Later we’ll explore the small resort town of Guanabo founded in the early 1800s.

Cubans and foreign guests love these littoral spots

Don’t forget your swimsuit, towels and beach gear.

Five-minute video features the humble lives of Cuban surfers

Five-minute video features the humble lives of Cuban surfers.
The beaches and waves are in Guanabo and Havana.
Lunch is not included.
At the beach, there are numerous food vendors.
While in Guanabo, we’ll schedule a stop at a local paladar [private restaurant].
Dinner not included in tour cost.
It’s an occasion to sample Havana’s stellar private eateries and taste the diversity of the island’s distinctive cuisines.
We’ll provide suggestions for restaurants most popular with Cubans and our travelers.
Day 5 • Wednesday • Havana’s big heart and great art.
One-in-ten cars in Havana are more than 60 years old.
One in ten cars in Havana are more than 60 years old.

Classic American cars serve as taxis for Cubans and tourists

You’ll enjoy a city excursion during your Havana extravaganza tour.
Charity act.
We’re off to visit Convento de Nuestra Señora de Belén [Convent of Our Lady of Belén], a humanitarian healthcare and community service project in Old Havana.
Construction of the massive Convent commenced in 1712.
Abandoned in 1925, it fell into grave disrepair.
In 1991 restoration began and continues today with fantastic results.
The Office of the Historian (the island sponsor of Cuba Explorer), public health authorities and the Order of the Sisters of Charity jointly manage Belén Convent.
It is home to elderly people and provides physiotherapy and ophthalmological services to many more seniors in the community.
Belén hosts a daycare and primary school.
Other activities include exercise classes, board games, cognitive rehabilitation, films, crafts workshops, and “love among the elderly” workshops.
Good hair day.
Arte Corte [Art Cut] is a barbershop, an art project, a hair museum, a community center, park, and barber academy.
Arte Corte is a little bit of everything.
Stylist-proprietor-curator Gilberto Valladares, also known as Papito, runs this quaint spot in Old Havana, where visitors can have their hair cut or receive some other beauty treatment, all the while surrounded by objects, artifacts, and memorabilia that tell the story of hair care through the ages.
It’s known as Callejón de los Peluqueros [Hairdresser’s Alley].
While in Hairdresser’s Alley , we’ll break bread at El Fígaro, affectionately named after the central character in the “The Barber of Seville.” It’s much kudoed in social media for atmosphere, gracious staff, Cuban music, delicious cocktails, and great food and desserts.
Chef Alex Luco descends from a line of famed Cuban cooks.
El Fígaro is part of the Arte Corte [Art Cut] community project that has received UNESCO World Heritage recognition.
Its motto is “comida sin pelos” (food without hairs).
Havana’s Louvre.
Examine Cuba’s greatest visual masterpieces spanning three centuries at Havana’s museum of modern art – Palacio de Bellas Artes.
Sections are devoted to landscape, religious subjects, and narrative scenes of Cuban life over 300 years.
Together the exhibits account for the richness of the island’s Spanish, French, Chinese, African and Aboriginal cultural roots.
Notable works include those of René Portocarrero and Wilfredo Lam.
You’ll meet and chat with museum staff and perhaps local artists.
1950s time travel.
Think cocktails, Frank Sinatra, popsicles, sox hops, Hula Hoops, the twist, road trips, bikinis, I Love Lucy, Elvis Presley, and pink Cadillacs.
One in ten cars in Havana are pre-1959.
And they’re all American: Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Mercury, Dodge, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac.
We’ll cruise the romantic Malecón in these lovingly maintained classics.
Special farewell dinner at the private restaurant Los Naranjos.
Located in the heart of Vedado in an expansive 1930s mansion, its Chef Ernesto specializes in fusion style dishes combining Cuban, Italian and Spanish influences.
Los Naranjos’ ambiance is fun and light, its food wonderful, authentic and fresh, and staff upbeat and attentive.
It’s a favorite among TripAdvisor diners.
Day 6 • Thursday • Adios, La Habana.
Extend your stay?.
Cuban kids are effusive, smart, and confident.
Cuban kids are effusive, smart, and confident.
They get the highest academic scores in Latin America.
Free education and healthcare have resulted in the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.
Every Cuban kid knows s/he has a family member, a friend or neighbor to help in time of need.
Photo Ana Lorena.
Transfer to Havana’s José Martí International (HAV) airport for flights home.
We’ll miss you and hope you will return soon.
In Cuba, we say, “A true friend remembers the song in your heart when you have forgotten the lyrics.”.
We’ll gladly assist.
our attentive island team ensures your trip is magical and memorable.
Dec 12 – Dec 17, 2020 Reserve now Jan 2 – Jan 7, 2021$ 1849 Always fills up!Reserve now Feb 6 – Feb 11, 2021$ 1899 Reserve now Apr 3 – Apr 8, 2021 Reserve now May 1 – May 6, 2021 Reserve now May 29 – Jun 3, 2021 Reserve now Jun 26 – Jul 1, 2021 Reserve now Jul 24 – Jul 29, 2021 Reserve now Aug 21 – Aug 26, 2021 Reserve now Sep 18 – Sep 23, 2021 Reserve now Oct 16 – Oct 21, 2021 Reserve now Reserve your Havana extravaganza tour with no obligations.
Then take 48 hours to review similar 6 Day – 5 Night trips offered by these quality US tour operators before a $ 49 lifetime deposit is due.
1749 No equivalent tours   Use an American tour operator to ensure your Cuba visit is legal and in compliance with US regulations.
123456 Cuba is a wonderful place to visit but still needs investment to develop its tourist base.
People are very nice, polite and helpful.
People who work in the.
Woodside, New York Frisco, Texas Cuba is fascinating, intriguing, alluring, spectacular, beautiful, mysterious and complicated all wrapped up together.
The people of Cuba were so warm and welcoming.
The architecture and American cars.
Frisco, Colorado I love Cuba and was so happy to return for a second trip.
I took my sixteen-year-old grandson, and he had a wonderful time as well.
The people.
New York, New York Trip review from July 2019 Sammamish, Washington Cuba is beautiful.
The locals are warm and welcoming.
So much history and so many traditions were shared with us during this trip.
The tour was packed with.
Chula Vista.

California Cubans are resilient

beautiful, friendly.
Loved the variety; getting to see and meet some locals, the different restaurants for the flavors of Cuba; the comfortable hotel; and.
Mamaroneck, New York This trip was maybe one of the best trips I have ever taken.
The people, tour, food and the sights were wonderful.
I will promote both Cuba and.
read more John Timothy Condon Washington Dc, District Of Columbia The Cuban people are resourceful, proud and welcoming.
Our tour guide Meylin was incredible.
I would find a different location for the welcoming dinner the first night.
read more Casey O’Leary Minneapolis, Minnesota I am in love with Cuba, and its people and their culture.
This was my 11th trip.
I enjoyed all our activities and the restaurants offered on this.
read more Ronald Donaldson Kansas City, Missouri I didn’t have any problems from the time I met up at the airport and until the time we were dropped back off at the airport.
read more Deborah Haaker Lexington, Kentucky Friendly people, many exciting things to see and do during the trip.
I liked the food, meeting people, sightseeing, and then spending the late afternoons relaxing at the.
read more Carol Wilson Providence, Rhode Island There is Cuban music everywhere, and the city is vibrant and alive.
We had a perfect mix of scheduled activities and free time.
We only saw Havana.
read more Jeannette Lopez Rodriguez Bonita Springs, Florida Havana is a beautiful, fun city.
The people are friendly.
We had wonderful meals.
Our guide Roberto was great.
I really liked riding in the coconut taxis.
read more Marianna Coggins Henderson, Nevada We were able to change the program and make it our own.
That’s the difference when visiting with Cuba Explorer.
Our tour guide Roberto tweaked many things in.
read more Alessandra Fortunato Las Vegas, Nevada Wonderful trip in every way.
A great itinerary with a nice mix of organized activities and free time.
Our guide, Marianna, was incredible.
Patricia Fahie Wimauma, Florida I was overwhelmed with the warmth and spirit of the Cuban people.
The island is so culturally rich and exciting.
There is so much traditional music and art.
read more Elinor Ritt Wimauma, Florida I never felt unsafe when walking by ourselves.
The people are quite helpful and friendly.
When people could see that I was looking for something, strangers on the.
read more J Mitchell Tulsa, Oklahoma I hope that the future holds great promise for the Cuban people as the country continues to evolve.
Cuba is a beautiful country with a vibrant populace and.
read more Bernard Silver Houston, Texas Very nice people who were happy to host Americans, and introduce us to their rich and interesting culture.
Loved our guide, Mariana Tamayo, who was excellent.
read more Ira William Bloom Westport, Connecticut We came believing that not everything would meet our expectations, but at the end of our week-long tour, we were pleased that our trip exceeded our expectations.
read more William Roesch Thomposnville, Illinois I always felt safe even on dark streets walking at night. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and helpful.
We loved hearing the music and impressed by.
read more Peter Evans Katrine, New York I loved Cuba, loved the people, and especially Rachel our fabulous tour director.
Delicious food.
We ate out at several restaurants on our own.
Art Museum tour docent.
read more Laura Roberts Wright Richmond, Virginia Cuba has many challenges, but overall I am impressed by its efforts to provide free health care, university education, and basic necessities for all.
Cuba is a beautiful,.
read more Neil Netanel Encino, California Everyone should make at least one trip to Cuba because it has so much to offer.
We had a great group and the most amazing guide.
Rachel made.
read more John Kavekos Tallahassee, Florida A beautiful country with proud people and well-preserved culture.
I really like the diversity of tour activities.
Christopher Lugo West Hollywood, California The country was beautiful, the history interesting.
Our tour guide Rachel was incredible and the people on the trip were great.
That was the best thing.
Also, I.
read more Charlotte Saulny Altadena, California The Havana Extravaganza is a great tour.
The people are friendly, right from the first person we came in contact with at the airport to the last person.
read more Paul Morton Lawrence, Massachusetts I loved everything about the trip.

Cubans seem like very happy people to me

I heard many times, “we don’t have money, but we have happiness”.
Our guide&.
read more Hilary Ward Batavia, Illinois Absolutely wonderful.
I enjoyed the entire trip.
Our guide Gretchen was extremely knowledgeable, organized and entertaining.
There were no problems on this tour.
William Webb Raonoke, Virginia I didn’t know what to expect before the trip.
I loved the various excursions.
All very educational.
Most of all loved the culture.
Our travel guide was.
read more Jose Morales Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Trip review from July 2018 Beautiful architecture, artwork, welcoming people and delicious food.
My tour guide Atila was exceptionally knowledgeable and caring.
I would highly recommend him.
Diane Woodward Las Vegas, Nevada Trip review from July 2018 My biggest impressions occurred on the second week after the tour when I was independent.
I liked the visit to the senior center.
Santa Maria beach in the.
read more Barbara Bregstein Yonkers, New York So enjoyed our time in Cuba.
The Art, the Music, the People, everything was well presented by our guide and our driver, all perfect.
Looking forward to each.
read more Helen Galnick Carlsbad, California I am a traveling wife whom accompanied Stephen Mitchell.
I wanted to share my thoughts on Cuba.
I absolutely love the people and culture.
We in the rest.
read more Stephen Mitchell San Diego, California I can’t get Cuba out of my head, the people and culture so interesting.
It’s multi-cultural society operating with complete respect in every facet (i.e.
religion, politics,.
read more Stephen Mitchell San Diego, California This was my fifth tour in Cuba, but the first time I spent an entire week in Havana.
I came back and brought a friend who had never.
read more Daniel Halcomb Huntsville, Alabama Cuba was great.
The people couldn’t have been any friendlier and the culture is fun.
The variety of activities is what made this tour best.
Our guide, Ari,.
read more James Daley Poughkeepsie, New York We had a wonderful trip.
People were overall very friendly and helpful, both those part of the tour and everyone we met.
We loved the opportunities to meet.
read more Ellen Bigler Providence, Rhode Island I loved the country and its people.
I encountered many people, men and women, who were informative, kind and open to our questions.
It is a country with.
read more Carol Shelton Cranston, Rhode Island Trip review from December 2017 Cuba was truly an unexpected surprise for me and the family.
We were welcomed to no end by our fantastic guide and driver Sandor and Mare both of.
read more Dwayne Stepter Fort Washington, Maryland The people are so friendly.
Loved the small group size.
Our Cuban guide Cinthia had extensive knowledge of her country.
Jacalyn Kenefick Binghamton, New York Very pretty country.
People were extremely nice and helpful.
Liked everything from the museums to the old cars.
It was all great.
All the restaurants were wonderful.
read more Kathleen Blodgett Binghamton, New York Wonderful friendly people.
The people-to-people visits were very interesting.
Nice to interact with the Cubans.
Our guide and bus driver were great, and very accommodating.
Jacqueline Guillon Conklin, New York Cuba was beautiful.
In every interaction we had with the people we found them to be so friendly.
They were pleasant and helpful. Cinthia our tour guide.
read more Glenda Rowse Conklin, New York I was very, very impressed by Cuba, and especially its people and the culture they have created and maintained.
I did not know much before going, and was.
read more John Denham Claremont, California Wonderful people, fascinating culture and traditions, beautiful country.
Our guide Ariadna was fabulous and taught us so much.
Meeting all the local people and learning about the history.
read more Elizabeth Shine West Palm Beach, Florida I loved how warm Cubans are toward visitors.
I loved how visual artists and musicians are considered to be as worthy as doctors and appreciated every time we.
read more Alanna Dushok Alexandria, Virginia The Cuban people and culture was beautiful.
So much history lives in Cuba I would love to go back to learn more.
My guide Mandi was amazing.
read more Deanna Hatter Highland, California Cubans are a diverse group of individuals who ancestors are from all over the world.
The culture also mimics that of its people.
Diverse rich and beautiful.
read more Keisha Mathew Chicago, Illinois.

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UAE Sightseeing Tours.
Category: UAE Sightseeing Tours.
Helicopter tour in Dubai,UAE.

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VIP trip or any other special occasion

our exclusive helicopter packages Read More Ferrari World Tour, Abu Dhabi.
Ferrari World Tour The world’s only and largest Ferrari theme d park is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The amusement park possesses the biggest space frame structure ever Read More Dubai City Tour | Al Canari Tourism | Ctdubai.
Highlights An exciting and memorable Dubai city tour of the gorgeous city of man-made marvels and sensations which will delight your senses and will prove to be a treat for Read More Abu Dhabi City Tour.
Highlights Of Abu Dhabi City Tour Nothing can beat the joy of taking a Abu Dhabi City Tour around the capital of UAE – Abu Dhabi like a true Emirate.
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Daily Archives: September 8, 2020

Daily Archives : September 8, 2020.

Q – We are looking forward to sailing with Sea Dream again next summer

Your recommendation really was a home run as we would hate to anticipate being on a large ship in this environment.

The 50 cabin Sea Dream 1 was as close to our “Dream” cruise as we might have imagined

Q – This is wonderfully helpful information – but it is incomplete.
Not everyone is thinking about sailing Crystal and we are wondering which of the other lines in the Top Ten or Top Twenty, for that matter , are likely to cease operations while holding on to vast amounts of our deposit money.
Please provide….

Cruise Offers – Cruising Destinations

Cruise Offers – Cruising Destinations .
Cruising is the most relaxing and magical way to explore.
Each day you will wake to spectacular views as your floating resort takes you effortlessly from one destination to the next.
Popular cruises departing from Australia include South Pacific cruises and New Zealand cruises.
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United Kingdom.
Jodi is great to deal with and goes the extra mile for her clients .
We have booked two Celebrity Cruises with Cruise Offers and recommend them to our family and friends.
They provide great service and their prices are very competitive .
We have used this company twice,, both times absolutely no issues or hassles,,, very easy to work with and clear understandable confirmation data We have booked 5 cruises, outstanding service from Freya, only draw back a few small charges for cancellation outside 5 months and changing name Sign Up.

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Journey to Jenolan Caves by heritage steam train

Springtime in Canberra.
8 October 2021.
Exceptional, fun and delicious – join us .
8 October 2021.
Exceptional, fun and delicious – join us !.
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12 November 2021.
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12 November 2021.
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Testimonials Wearing with Pride

May 2020.
I want you all to know that when we go on a cruise we wear the navy blue Cruise Express lanyard with pride.
We do this because we know that we have.
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Happy Cruisers, May 2020.
Cruise Express Erina, we need another cruise, just like this previous one!!.
Thanks for organising our refunds and keeping us in touch throughout.
Read more.
Numerous Cruise Holidays, April 2020.
How delighted I am with Cruise Express, and I want to say a big thank you to Michael Davis-Smith from the Gordon office.
My friend Judy and I could.
Read more.
Northern Explorer, February 2020.
Our trip with you from Melbourne to Sydney and back by train and ship in February was brilliant.
My friend, Joy, and I thought it was fantastic.
Read more.
Ovation of the Seas, October 2019.

Our cruise to New Zealand with my sister aboard Ovation of the Seas was wonderful

We like a bigger ship because of all the activities and facilities.
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Wearing with Pride, May 2020.
Happy Cruisers, May 2020.
See you real soon for our next cruise/s Numerous Cruise Holidays, April 2020.
Not like another company that we are trying to get a refund from – and I am sorry that we did not book  Northern Explorer, February 2020.
Ovation of the Seas, October 2019.
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