Your Accessible Catalonia Travel Guide : The 10 Best Catalonia Points of Interest Outside Barcelona.

By When you think of Spain

if you’re at all like me, you probably only think of the bigger cities such as Madrid.
Whenever I… 372 427 799 Read More The Ultimate Guide to Wheelchair Accessible Barcelona, Spain: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Get Around.
By For years, .

I have heard that Barcelona is the most wheelchair accessible city in all of Europe

Other wheelchair users rave about it and… 815 673 Read More What to Do in Toledo Spain for a Day Trip as a Wheelchair User.
By 87 444 531 Read More On a Spectacular Wheelchair Accessible Tour of Madrid, Spain.
By I’ve traveled around Europe quite a bit and visited many of the most popular cities; London, Paris, Munich, St.
Petersburg, .

And even cities like… 304 367 Read More

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