Episode 4: Overtourism in Jibhi

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Episode 4: Over tourism in Jibhi.

Lalit Kumar talks about promoting sustainable travel in Jibhi

26 Jun 2020 3 Episode 3: Etosha Chatterjee on Responsible Trekking and Waste Management.

Etosha Chatterjee on zero waste travelling and plastic pollution in Indian Himalayas

22 Jun 2020 24 Episode 2 – Responsible Homestay Living and Community Participation with Sayan Nath.
Sayan Nath, the founder of Not on Map, some insights on how to explore a new place in a more responsible way so that it benefits the ecology and the demography of that place in the long run.
16 Jun 2020 0 Episode 1 -Julie Kagti on Responsible Travel in North East India.
An interview with Julie Kagti on her her thoughts on making responsible travel in North East India more community driven.
4 Jun 2020 4 Follow.

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