PNR Booking The image below is a PNR booked on the GDS:

DB Tickets.
DB, point to point is now offered as both standalone and interline.
Desti nations .
DB tickets are available on the following routes: Berlin Hbf (QPP) Cologne (QKL) Duesseldorf Flughafen (DUS) Duesseldorf Hbf (QDU) Duesseldorf Flughafen (DUS).
Duesseldorf Hbf (QDU).
Leipzig Hbf (XIT).
Nurnberg Hbf (ZAQ).
Frankfurt (main) Hbf (ZRB) Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Hamburg Hbf (ZMB) Leipzig Hbf (XIT) Cologne (QKL).
Duesseldorf Flughafen (DUS).
Hannover Hbf (ZVR).
Leipzig Hbf (XIT).
Nurnberg Hbf (ZAQ).
Stuttgart Hbf (ZWS).
Dresden (XIR).
Muenchen Hbf (ZMU) Nurnberg Hbf (ZAQ) Stuttgart Hbf (ZWS) Frankfurt (m) Flughafen Fernbf (FRA).
Stuttgart Hbf (ZWS).

The map shows available connections from the Frankfurt airport only

Other DB Tickets routes are not displayed

DB E-tickets are available as follows:

Interline Interline Standalone 9B/450

Standalone sales (ticketed on 9B plate) are possible in these BSP/ARC markets:

BSP Australia.
BSP Austria.

BSP Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg

BSP Canada.
BSP Czech Republic .
BSP Finland.
BSP France.
BSP Hong Kong.
BSP India .
BSP Indonesia.
BSP Ireland.
BSP Italy.
BSP Japan .
BSP Macao.
BSP Malaysia.
BSP Mexico.
BSP Norway.
BSP Scandinavia – Open in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
BSP Singapore.
BSP South Korea .
BSP Spain.
BSP Switzerland /Liechtenstein.
BSP Taiwan.
BSP Thailand.
BSP Vietnam .
GDS Participation .
Infini Sabre.
Sirena Travel.
Travel Sky.
Available worldwide, except Germany.
9B 2100 – 2499.
First Class Business Class Economy Flexible Economy Saver F-Class C-Class Y-Class M-Class Auto Cancellation of Booking.
24 hrs prior to departure.
Children aged 6 years and older require a ticket to travel.
GDS Availability Display.
The image below is a typical GDS availability display demonstrating a possible itinerary between Berlin Hbf (QPP) and Hamburg Hbf (ZMB).
PNR Booking The image below is a PNR booked on the GDS:.
F and Y class = fully refundable up to 3 days before departure.
A fee of €17.50 applies if the passenger wants to change within these 3 days.
It is non-refundable after departure.
C and M class = non-refundable.
For interline fares refunds will be applied according to fare rules.
No group bookings allowed.

Up to 6 passengers with unique names can be issued on the same PNR

Earliest 72 hours before train departure, .

The passenger will have to check-in at to print the DB ticket

At time of booking, please inform the passenger to keep the PNR locator or e-ticket number handy to facilitate check-in.

Check-in Passenger visits within 72 hours prior to departure

Passenger enters his/her first and last name and one of the following: PNR Locator or; e-ticket number.

Passenger prints the travel document

which is required for boarding.
At the time of purchase the travel agent issues the e-ticket and receives the ticket pickup number via Special Service Request (SSR).
To retrieve their actual travel document, passengers must check-in prior to boarding the train.

View sample travel documents: Period of Validity

Scheduled train departure time (indicated on the boarding pass).
Seat reservations.
A specific seat is not assigned.

Passengers may occupy a vacant seat in the appropriate class as indicated on their ticket

Baggage policy.
Travelers bring their own luggage on the train and must be able to handle their own luggage without assistance, within the following: maximum 3 items of luggage per person.
standard luggage up to 25 kg.
maximum dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm.
Terms & conditions:.
All tickets are only valid with proof of identity.
What if the passenger misses their train connection.
The ticket is valid for the specific service listed and in the event of disruption or delay it will be accepted on the next available service, subject to availability.
Customers may not travel on an earlier service than the booked rail service.
Book My Trip.
Please choose origin station Please choose destination station Choose departure date Adult Child (6 – 11) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

either from Cinque Terre or from Milan

Milan, Lombardy and Liguria.

Category: Milan and Lombardy Italy

Sestri Levante, your best place to stay in Cinque Terre and Portofino.
Five excellent reasons why Sestri Levante is the best place to stay in Cinque Terre and Portofino area and what to do and see there.
Sestri Levante is a delightful small town, mid way between Cinque Terre and Portofino, the most well known destinations of the Italian Riviera.
In my view it’s the perfect place to stay when visiting Cinque Terre and Portofino.
Let me explain you why.
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The Sacra di San Michele : legends and mysteries in Piedmont.
History and mysteries of the sacra di San Michele, one of the most important Northern Italy monuments, and how to get there from Turin and from Milan Sacra di San Michele: location and history.
The Sacra di San Michele is a very famous abbey and a symbol of Piedmont. It’s a religious monument of incomparable beauty and value, and one of the most mysterious in Italy.
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Como lake best kept secret : the Bellano ravine (Orrido di Bellano).
Discover the Bellano ravine, one of the most mysterious and fascinating places that lake of Como can offer, just a foot step away from Varenna and Bellagio The Bellano ravine (orrido di Bellano) is a breathtaking natural wonder, just a footstep away from Varenna.
Surprisingly, very few travelers visit it, which is another good reason to visit it.
Starting from Varenna Station, you won’t need more than a couple of hours to complete your visit.
Continue reading “Como lake best kept secret: the Bellano ravine (Orrido di Bellano)” Tweet.
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How to visit Portofino and San Fruttuoso, and why you shouldn’t miss them.
How to visit Portofino from Milan, Genova or the Cinque Terre.
Discover Liguria poshest destination and amazing San Fruttuoso abbey and beach.
Portofino is not as renowned as Cinque Terre outside Italy, but it’s a lovely and beautiful place you shouldn’t really miss when visiting the region.
Actually, Portofino is one of the most upscale destination you may find in Italy, and its name is a synonym of Jet Set, Luxury and high life.
It is a place for the rich and the famous, and for ordinary people that enjoy contemplating upscale way of life.
Portofino delightful colored tiny harbor hides fashion boutiques, starred restaurants and luxurious hotels.
It’s completely different from Cinque Terre, and will give you a different flavor of Italian taste for beautiful locations.
In this post I will tell you how to visit Portofino in one day, either from Cinque Terre or from Milan.
I will also disclose a hidden jewell you may miss otherwise: secluded San Fruttuoso abbey and its amazing cove.
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Garda lake in 1 week – a 7 days itinerary to discover the amazing lake Garda region.
A Garda lake 1 week itinerary to discover one of the most charming Italy destinations.  Disclose Garda lake must sees such as Sirmione, Garda SPAs, Gardaland Spending 1 week at Garda lake will give you enough time to visit this beautiful areas and the surrounding region, and to enjoy a number of local experiences.
Garda lake is the largest Italian lake and, in my view, the most beautiful and interesting one to spend one week.
First, the sights: you are in the Dolomite region, and the light grey-pink cliffs plunging in the lake are just  breathtaking.
Second, the history: Garda lake was part of the Serenissima,  and you can see everywhere in the ancient hamlets the influence of the Venetian beautiful architecture.
Third, you are close to a number of great day trip destinations, such as Verona, Mantova and Trento.
Fourth, food and wine are great, from Amarone to Prosecco, and wine tasting at a local estate is an unmissable experience.
Fifth, the theme park, such as world known Gardaland.
Sixth… well, you’ll need to read the post to know more… Continue reading “Garda lake in 1 week – a 7 days itinerary to discover the amazing lake Garda region” Tweet.
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How to visit Bergamo in one day from Milan

Bergamo is a perfect one day trip from MIlan.
Spending one day in Bergamo will allow you to discover its lovely city center and lots of art and culture, on top of its delicious food specialties.  Here is a  one day trip itinerary from Milan to Bergamo, including a Bergamo Alta  walking map.
Why a day trip to Bergamo, Italy.
Well, you have spent some days in Milan, enjoyed the bustling life, the glamorous atmosphere, fashion, design, and all the Milanese typical excitement.
If you are now looking for something completely different, closer to the “Italian” cliché of history, art, nature and traditional food, then spending one day in  Bergamo, Italy is the best option for you.
Bergamo is a delightful small town, perched on a steep hill side and surrounded by impressive walls.
Actually, there are two Bergamo: Bergamo alta (“upper Bergamo”), the historical center, and Bergamo bassa (“lower Bergamo”), built in  more recent times.
In this Bergamo in one day post I will focus on Bergamo alta, but if you have time Bergamo bassa is worth a visit as well.
If you plan to spend one full day in Bergamo you will have enough time to visit both.

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How to go from Milan to Bellagio – a self guided tour.

How to go from Milan to Como lake main destinations: Como and Bellagio

A complete set of options and travel tips from MIlan to Bellagio and a travel map.
Como lake (actually we should call it Lario lake) is one of North Italy  top destinations, and lovely Bellagio is its pearl.
Despite being relatively close to Milan, getting there as independent travelers could be tricky.
So here is a quick guideto go from Milan to Bellagio, for a day trip or for a longer period.
Just in case you feel happily on holiday and not interested in handling Italian public transports: click here for a nice day tour from Milan.
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Day trip to Cinque Terre.
A short video to share what to do and see in a day trip to Cinque Terre.
Explore the Monterosso – Vernazza trail, the scenic Sentiero Azzurro.
The easy walk from Monterosso to Vernazza is arguably the  most scenic and famous path in the Cinque Terre.
You will walk among the renowned Cinque Terre vineyards (ever heard of Vermentino and Sciacchetrà?) and enjoy breathtaking views of the steep cliffs, blue sea and beautiful Monterosso and Vernazza sights.
Here is a quick video to anticipate what you will see when you get there.
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How to visit the Cinque Terre in one day.
Key info and tips to visit the Cinque Terre in one day from Florence or from Pisa.
Discover and enjoy the most of the Cinque Terre if you only have one day: charming Monterosso, Vernazza and Manarola.
Ideally, you would like to dedicate at least a couple of days to explore beautiful Cinque Terre, plus maybe two or three days more to visit Portovenere and the Golfo dei Poeti, Santa Margherita and Portofino, and beautiful Abbazia di San Fruttuoso.
Unfortunately, not so many travellers have more than one day to visit Cinque Terre, and many want anyways to get a glimpse of the Cnque Terre while staying in Florence or in Pisa.
So this post if aimed at the rushy travellers, who want to see in just one day Cinque Terre key highlights: Monterosso, Vernazza and Riomaggiore.
It is intended to give you the hints to visit Cinque terre on youself, which is not that difficult.
Alternatively, you can participate to an organized tour, which will probably alow you to see more.
In case you are interested, click here for a very good Cinque Terre day tour.
The cinque Terre are five hamlets built on steep hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea., they are accessible from Florence via Pisa.
Cars are not allowed, so only way to visit is by sea or by train or, of course, by walking the many trails. This is the cinque terre map, where you can see where the five hamlets are actually located and the main trails.
The cheapest way to organize the trip is to use train.
You have many trains leaving from Florence and getting to Moterosso in as less as 2:10 hours, with a change in La Spezia to catch the Cinque Terre Express, the shuttle that connects the five hamlets.
Returning to Florecne will take the same amount of time, so check Trenitalia time table to select and to reserve the train best suited for you.
Credits to The most popular (and, unfortunately, crowded) trail is the so called “Sentiero Azzurro” (blue trail), which is the closer to the coast, and the only one that requires an entry ticket (7€).
You can’t do it all in one day, so my suggestion would be to limit your walk to the Monterosso – Vernazza segment (roughly one hour), so that you can visit the first two hamlets and use the frequent local train to visit Riomaggiore and Manarola, if you still have time, or continue walking from Vernazza to Corniglia (another hour).
Unfortunately, the famous Via dell’Amore (a beatiful trail linking Riomaggiore to Manarola) is presently closed due to a land slide.
So here we go with your tour.
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The ten best restaurants in Milan, plus one.
Great pasta, risotto and other local delicacies in the ten best restaurants in Milan.
Delicious Italian food in lovely locations at reasonable price.
Forget Pizza ans spaghetti Bolognaise: here we are talking about some of the best food you can taste in Italy, in posh locations and with a great service.
This is my very personal selection of the restaurants in Milan with the best quality/price ratio, those where I usually have dinner with my friends and family.
I will not present the true Milan top dining places, such as Savini, Cracco, Joia, Aimo and Nadia, Armani Nobu and the similar (much too expensive for most travellers), but rather 10 excellent Milan restaurants when you can enjoy a a fantastic meal in a great location, spending around 50-60 € per person (the wine you will choose could be a major driver of your bill…).
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Milan in one day walking itinerary: best places to see and things to do.
How to visit Milan in one day, with an easy self walking itinerary.
Discover the cathedral, the galery, the last supper and much more – August 2019 update.
Why should you spend one day in Milan.
You probably didn’t plan so far to visit the second town of Italy.
Once an industrial pole, Milan was usually not included in mainstream tourist itineraries.
However, things have changed.
The universal exhibition Expo Milano 2015 has driven over 20 million visitors to Milan, and has made this town one of Europe key destinations in 2015 and beyond.
On top of this, Milan is a vibrant city, rich of cultural events, artistic masterpieces, design and fashion shopping and great food.
One day in Milan would make absolute sense in your Italian itinerary, and you may actually consider spending a night in Milan and enjoy its restaurants and night life.
In case you are looking for a great place to stay, have a look at my page: where to stay in Milan: the best 3 and 4 stars hotels.
Even if you don’t have time to sleep there, you may likely pass through its airport or its station, so why not spending one day in Milan.
In case you decide to do so, here is a (pretty extensive!) walking itinerary, designed to cover in one day Milan main highlights (click on the image to use the interactive Google map).
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Bellagio, the perfect romantic getaway.
Few places are as romantic as Lake Como, and even fewer resorts as beautiful as Bellagio, the delightful hamlet located at the tip of the long hilly promontory which divides the two southern branches of Lake Como.
Click here to discover Bellagio sights and attractions.
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Mantova, a Lombardy renaissance jewell.
Mantua and Sabbioneta, both united by the inheritance left to them by Gonzaga, are the main centres of Italian and European Renaissance.
Mantua has recently been accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It could be an easy day trip from Milan or Verona, but his territory and its food really deserves more than that.
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Cremona, home of stradivari.
Cremona, it is located on the border between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna and lies on the left bank of the Po.
It’s a charming town rich of history and art, and the wonderful piazza del Duomo is a blend of Roman and Renaissance jewels.
But on top of its monuments, Cremona is home to the families of the world’s most famous luthiers: Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri.
A visit to the Stradivari museum is an experience not to be missed (click here for more info).
Cremona is perfect for a day trip from Milan (roughly one hour by train) Tweet.
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Bergamo: Lombardy’s hidden jewell.
Bergamo Alta is a fascinating medieval town perched on a hill, surrounded by 16th-century cyclopic defensive walls.
Its old city center hides real treasures, such as the piazza vecchia, the Duomo and the cappella Corleoni, an amazing renaissance master piece.
Bergamo lies just 40 km east of Milan and is a perfect day trip destination.
Click here to go to the complete post.
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Corso Como and Porta Nuova walking tour: discover trendy Milan

Top places to eat, .

Drink and shop in posh corso Como and Porta Nuova Milan neighborhoods

Live the Milan movida and discover new trends..

Como and Porta Nuova Milan posh districts

In this walking tour I’d like to introduce you to corso Como, Milan and the brand new Porta Nuova neighborhood.
This is my favorite area in Milan for shopping, food and Aperitivo.
Milan may not have Rome or Florence classical beauty, but it is indeed a fascinating city, full of contrasts and always balancing between its historical roots and its aspiration to the future.
Nowhere else in Italy you will feel the same energy, and nowhere else you will find the same refinements in terms of food, fashion and design.
This corso Como walking itinerary will allow you to discover some of the most trendy places in Milan, included the brand new Eataly store, where you will be able to find, purchase and eat the quintessence of Italian food.

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Secret treasures of Milan renaissance.
A walking itinerary to discover Milan hidden renaissance jewels, beyond the Duomo and the Last Supper Milan is universally recognized as the economic capital of Italy, but it is also a city of art.
Historical buildings, villas, monuments, modern-architectural buildings, churches and abbeys all offer a variety of styles and striking details that are well worth getting to know.
Yes, there are the well known clichés: il Duomo, La Scala, La Galleria,  Santa Maria delle Grazie (feturing Leonardo’s last supper…), Sant’Ambrogio, the Castello Sforzesco.
But the truth is that there’s much more than that.
Milan can reveal fabulous treasures from its twenty centuries history,  if only you take your time to look for them carefully, since most of them are very well hidden.
In this post I would like to walk you through fantastic renaissance churches, some of which date back from the end of the Roman empire: after all, Milan was the town where Constantine issued the edict legalizing Christian worship in 313.
Continue reading “Secret treasures of Milan renaissance” 45.465454 9.186516 Tweet.
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Day trip to Como and Bellagio from Milan

Como lake is an easy one day trip from Milan

Travel directions and tips to discover Bellagio and Como Lake Villas, an unmissable Italian destination.
Few places are as romantic as Como lake, and even fewer have the elegant beauty of  Bellagio. Called the “Pearl of the Lake”, Bellagio is one of the most famous travel icons in Italy, and is characterized by century-old buildings, stone lanes, picturesque cobbled stairways and gorgeous villas, on top of its fabulous views on the Como lake, the “Lario”.

A trip to Como lake and to Bellagio can be easily organized in one day from Milan

you can also find many organized tours, in case you are short of time.
Here is a good one.

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Best Milan aperitivo – top 2018 places to enjoy posh cocktails and buffet.
Where to go to taste the iconic Milan aperitivo and the many appetizers and buffet included in the price.  Milan has a long lasting rivalry with Rome, and has often been nominated (likely by Milanesi themselves)  the True  Capital: the business capital, the moral capital, and so on and so forth.
We may endlessly argue about which town of the two could aspire to the title, but one thing cannot be denied: Milan is the capital of Aperitivo.
In no other city of Italy, not even in Venice (read my post on Cicchetti – , or in Bologna, post to come), aperitivo is such a widespread social habit and nowhere else it reaches the same level of locations, glamour and food.
Yes, food.
In most Italian cities, the typical aperitivo consists of a drink accompanied by modest snacks such as potato chips and olives (if you are lucky enough not to receive only the drink…). In Milan,  you can expect to be offered an endless variety of dishes such as pasta, risotto, salads, ham, cheeses, meat balls, sausages, bits of pizzas and even exotic food such as sushi or curry, often served as an “all you  can eat” buffet.
For this reason, for many busy Milanese, as well as for the smart travelers,  the aperitivo becomes a clever alternative to dinner at the price of a cocktail (from 5 to 15 Euro).
Top locations are usually poshy and trendy and, during the good season, they may give you the opportunity of discovering and enjoying carefully hidden gardens and courtyards.
There are literally hundreds of nice places to have aperitivo, and new ones pop up every day.
I’m going to share with you my favorites, leaving to you the pleasure of working out your own selection.
Continue reading “Best Milan aperitivo – top 2018 places to enjoy posh cocktails and buffet” Tweet.
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Category: Naples and the Amalfi coast Italy

Naples and Amalfi coast.
Category: Naples and the Amalfi coast Italy.

How to visit Naples in one day and why you shouldn’t miss it

An easy and enjoyable Naples in one day walking itinerary

including a detailed Naples map.
Picturesque markets, amazing artworks and great street food.
Why visit Naples.

It’s a no-brainer: because Naples is one of the most fascinating

peculiar and beautiful towns you may find in Italy, and, in my opinion, in Europe.
It’s an underrated gem you just can ’t skip.
I’m not the only one to think it: the number of foreign tourists visiting Naples have been growing double digit for almost ten years.
The reason is simple: savvy travelers will find tons of art, history, culture, local diversity, beauty, sights, great food.

Warm people… and you’ll need to pass through Naples in any case

on your way to Pompei and the Amalfi coast.
So why not taking a day or so and spend some time to discover this amazing town.
In this post I will answer to some of the most frequent questions about Naples and share a one day walking itinerary in Naples city center, a Unesco Heritage site.
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Amazing Amalfi coast: best itinerary to discover Amalfi, Positano, Ravello.
The Amalfi coast is an amazing destination .
Here is how to discover Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and beautiful minor sites, including logistics and travel tips .
Imagine ancient white hamlets perched on high cliffs, overlooking the deep blue Tyrrhenian sea.
Add cytrus fields, steep light grey mountains, medieval churches, hidden fjords and beaches.
Complete with amazing sea food and a “dolce vita” feeling s trong er than anywhere else in Italy.
That, and much more, is the Amalfi coast, Italy: you can’t really say you know Italy without visiting this delightful destination .

While you can have a glimpse of it in a day trip from Naples or from Sorrento

the Amalfi coast deserves at least two or three days, if not an entire week.
So here is my personal Italy Amalfi coast Italy itinerary.
It will let you explore all the area, including off the beaten path jewels such as the mills valley and the astonishing “path of the gods” trail.
My recommendation is to complete this tour by one or two days in Capri, which could be easily reached by hydrofoil from Positano.
In my view, Sorrento can be skipped, but I leave this to you.
A last tip: like most central Italy destination s, best time to visit the Amalfi coast Italy is from May to early July, and, even better, from mid September to October’s end.
Weather is perfect and the area is not too crowded (better to avoid week ends if possible).
Absolutely avoid July and August, when the heat and the crowds would spoil most of the enchantment.
Amalfi coast Italy five days tour: click on the image to get to the interactive Amalfi coast map.
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Gorgeous Capri.
It’s beautiful, it’s glamorous, it’s gorgeous…it’s Capri.

Click here to read my Capri Faraglioni and natural arch walking tour Tweet

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Capri souvenirs: discover what to shop in posh Capri island.

Lovely Capri and Amalfi coast magnets

sold in a stall close to Capri’s harbour.
Charming Capri souvenirs may be found everywhere in Capri, as well as fashionable clothes, shoes and handicrafts.
Here are the three unmissable ones: Canfora sandals, Limoncello Liquor and Capri’s bells.
Continue reading “Capri souvenirs: discover what to shop in posh Capri island” Tweet.
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Naples nativity scenes market: San Gregorio Armeno

San Gregorio Armeno Market and the nativity scenes museum at La certosa di San Martino.
Discover the liveliest Christmas market in central-south Italy, and one of the finest Italian Nativity Scenes museums.

Setting up a nativity scene—Presepe in Italian —is a strong tradition in Naples

started as early as the 11th century.
Still today, the Presepe is a Must for every true Neapolitan, and the unmissable place to buy your Presepe is the San Gregorio Armeno market.

Continue reading “Naples nativity scenes market: San Gregorio Armeno” Tweet

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Capri walking itinerary: breathtaking Faraglioni and Natural Arch

A great Capri walking itinerary to discover Capri’s stunning natural spots: the Giardini di Augusto, the Faraglioni and the natural arch, including a map.
I designed this half day Capri walking itinerary to let you discover the arguably most famous and stunning Capri sights: the Giardini di Augusto, The Faraglioni and the arco naturale.
You can complete it with a boat tour of the island, including a visit to famous Grotta Azzurra.
Capri, one of the highlights of any Amalfi Coast tour,  is synonymous with stars, style and impossible glamour.
However, away from the central Piazzetta, it’s also a place of stunning natural beauty and calm.
I suggest to walk this path early in the morning, when Giardini di Augusto and Punta Tragara are less crowded.
The tour takes no more than three or four hours, but you can extend it to the whole day if you decide to spend some time to sunbath and swim at the Faraglioni, where you can rent a sunbed at “da Luigi”.
Just a warning: the walk to Punta Tragara is flat and easy, but from there to Faraglioni and Arco Naturale you will  have to climb many stairs and deep rises! It’s actually easier to start the path from the Natural Arch, but the tour is less scenic (in my opinion).
Said so, I walked up this path with my 10 years son, and he survived, quite happily, indeed!.
Here is what my Capri walking itinerary in half day looks like.
Click on the map to access the Google Map: Continue reading “Capri walking itinerary: breathtaking Faraglioni and Natural Arch” Tweet.
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Menu Tag: Free Travel Competition

Menu Tag: Free Travel Competition .

Win A Trip To Queensland Island

February 3, 2017February 11, 2017 Posted in , Tagged Australia , , , , Queensland Island, , , , Visit Queensland Leave a comment Fall in love with a Queensland island this Valentine’s Day.
So whether you’re embracing or loathing this upcoming uni versa l day of love, we know just how to celebrate.
Simply enter your details below for a chance to WIN a loved up Queensland Island Escape worth up to $5,000.
You can participate here.
The Travel Project By Contiki .
January 30, 2017February 3, 2017 Posted in , Tagged , , Contiki, , , Travel Company, , Travel Memory, Travel Project, Travel Project Ambassador., Travel Story, Leave a comment Do you have a great travel memory and you want to share with the world.

Here is a golden opportunity to be part of a global travel project presented by Contiki

And in return you can win a free international trip.
You can participate here.
Win A Trip To Britain .
January 18, 2017February 5, 2017 Posted in , Tagged , BRITAIN magazine, , , , , , , , Leave a comment A golden opportunity to win a free holiday to Britain.

This trip also includes flights if you live outside the UK

You can participate here.
Win A VIP Trip To Scotland.
January 5, 2017January 5, 2017 Posted in , Tagged Edinburgh, , , , Raemoir House Hotel, Scotland, Signet Library, , Visit Scotland, Leave a comment Would you like to visit Scotland free of cost.
Then enter the competition here.
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Visiting the Apostles is an unforgettable experience

> REVERSE GREAT OCEAN ROAD DAY TOUR Reverse Great Ocean Road Day Tour.
Operates:    Daily (All year-round) Departs:      7:20 am (approximately) Returns:      9:00 pm (approximately)   Morning tea & biscuits   Lunch   National Park Fees   Professional guide   Audio translation devices GREAT OCEAN ROAD DAY TOUR HIGHLIGHTS.

Escape Melbourne crossing one of Australia’s highest bridges

namely the West Gate Bridge which was completed in 1978.
With our first stop in the sleepy town of Colac for morning tea   Travel the Great Ocean Road in reverse away from the crowds   London Bridge or Gibson Steps, The Razor Back, Island Arch   Explore the hidden Loch Ard Gorge: historic shipwreck site   Experience the wonder of the 12 Apostles, optional 15min helicopter flight available (additional expense, subject to availability)   Check out the breathtaking coastal lookouts   Travel through the Cape Otway and Port Campbell National Park s   See the ancient rainforest, giant eucalyptus trees and find a carnivorous snail   Stop for a picturesque picnic lunch on the Great Ocean Road   Keeping a watchful eye out for our colourful native birds and australian wildlife   Visit the gorgeous coastal township of Apollo Bay   You might even get the opportunity to see Koala up close in the wild   Capture the perfect selfie of you on the world famous Great Ocean Road   Before passing through the seaside resort townships of Lorne and Angelsea   Stretch your legs at one of the many beaches along the beautiful coastline, opportunity to swim if time and weather permits   Hear the historic stories surrounding the construction of the Great Ocean Road at the Memorial Arch   Stretch your legs at one of the many beaches along the beautiful coastline, opportunity to swim if time and weather permits.
The Great Ocean Road follows the southwest coastline of Victoria from Torquay to Warrnambool — around 300km.

With breathtaking panoramic views, it winds its way through many State and National Parks

The dramatic ocean scenery changes markedly between three sections: the Surf Coast

which starts at historic Geelong; the Otway Ranges, where the road leaves the coast at Angelsea; and the Shipwreck Coast, where it re-joins the sea. The highlight of any tour of the Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles, a dramatic group of outcrops isolated from their headlands by the fierce erosion of the sea.
Visiting the Apostles is an unforgettable experience .
This reverse great ocean road tour is operated in partnership with Wildlife Tours Australia GREAT OCEAN ROAD DAY TOUR VIDEO.
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Episode 4: Overtourism in Jibhi

Category: Podcast.
Episode 4: Over tourism in Jibhi.

Lalit Kumar talks about promoting sustainable travel in Jibhi

26 Jun 2020 3 Episode 3: Etosha Chatterjee on Responsible Trekking and Waste Management.

Etosha Chatterjee on zero waste travelling and plastic pollution in Indian Himalayas

22 Jun 2020 24 Episode 2 – Responsible Homestay Living and Community Participation with Sayan Nath.
Sayan Nath, the founder of Not on Map, some insights on how to explore a new place in a more responsible way so that it benefits the ecology and the demography of that place in the long run.
16 Jun 2020 0 Episode 1 -Julie Kagti on Responsible Travel in North East India.
An interview with Julie Kagti on her her thoughts on making responsible travel in North East India more community driven.
4 Jun 2020 4 Follow.

La repubblica Ceca in bici tra fiumi

Est Europa in Bici Scopri l’Est Europa in bici con un viaggio organizzato

Un viaggio in bici in Est Europa ti permette di ammirare una grande varietà di paesaggi e di città d’arte, per una vacanza all’insegna della natura e dello sport.  Tra le piste ciclabili più interessanti c’è sicuramente la Ciclovia del Danubio, .

Che parte dalla Germania e arriva fino all’Ucraina lungo più di 2800 km di percorso

Insieme alla ciclabile del Danubio ci sono anche gli Eurovelo

le splendide isole della Croazia, oltre alla natura incontaminata dell’Albania.  Scoprire le bellezze dell’Est Europa in bici ti permette di recuperare il giusto tempo per ammirare la variazione dei paesaggi, di immergerti nelle diverse culture locali e di intraprendere un viaggio da vero esploratore.
È importante sapere anche che la Ciclovia del Danubio e alcuni tratti degli Eurovelo sono idonei per tutti i livelli di preparazione dei ciclisti, quindi fanno per te anche se viaggi con tutta la famiglia.  Una vacanza in bicicletta nell’Europa dell’Est è sicuramente qualcosa di nuovo ed entusiasmante: non ti resta che salire in sella!  Trova il tuo tour in bici in Est Europa tra le nostre proposte di viaggio.
Anche i ciclisti più appassionati a volte fanno fatica a trovare il giusto itinerario per le proprie vacanze, per quest o abbiamo selezionato per te i migliori tour in bici nell’Est Europa:  890€ CROAZIA, Est Europa I parchi nazionali della Dalmazia – Kapetan Jure.
659€ In bici tra i fiabeschi laghi della Carinzia e nelle vicine Italia e Slovenia.
655€ EST EUROPA In bici con gusto dal Lago di Bled a Trieste.
699€ Vienna Bratislava Budapest lungo la ciclabile del Danubio.
REPUBBLICA CECA, Est Europa Praga e la Boemia patrimonio dell’UNESCO.
BERLINO, Germania Bici e barca da Stralsund a Berlino.
538€ GERMANIA Da Praga a Dresda.
665€ SLOVENIA, Est Europa Slovenia incantata: da Lubiana al mare in bici.
CROAZIA, Est Europa Le isole del Golfo del Quarnaro in bici e barca.
Polonia in Bici.
La Polonia in bici tra grandi pianure e splendide città d’arte Visitare la Polonia in bici è il.
Montenegro in Bici.
Il Montenegro in bici alla scoperta di città bellissime e paesaggi mozzafiato Un viaggio in bicicletta nell’Est Europa.
Albania in Bici.
L’Albania in bici per visitare luoghi incantevoli e pieni di fascino L’Albania in bicicletta è un viaggio perfetto.
Repubblica Ceca in bici.
La repubblica Ceca in bici tra fiumi, .

Castelli e città ricche di fascino Visitare la Repubblica Ceca in

Bulgaria in bici.

Visita la Bulgaria in bici per una vacanza attiva Gli amanti del cicloturismo

che desiderano esplorare itinerari meno.
Slovacchia in bici.
La Slovacchia in bici: i percorsi e gli itinerari per il cicloturismo Chi sa resistere al fascino di.
Ungheria in bici.
Il tuo viaggio in Ungheria in bicicletta alla scoperta di luoghi stupendi Visitare l’Ungheria in bici è il.
Slovenia in Bici.
La Slovenia in bici: pedala sulle più belle piste ciclabili dell’Europa orientale Scoprire la Slovenia in bici è.
Romania in Bici.
Visita la Romania in bicicletta e goditi una vacanza green su due ruote Visitare la Romania in bicicletta.
Est europa in bici.
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Your Accessible Catalonia Travel Guide : The 10 Best Catalonia Points of Interest Outside Barcelona.

By When you think of Spain

if you’re at all like me, you probably only think of the bigger cities such as Madrid.
Whenever I… 372 427 799 Read More The Ultimate Guide to Wheelchair Accessible Barcelona, Spain: What to Do, Where to Stay, and How to Get Around.
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I have heard that Barcelona is the most wheelchair accessible city in all of Europe

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